Daniella Myriam Pierre

Patient Linkage & Retention Project Manager, Haiti

Daniella Myriam Pierre is the Project Manager for the Patient Linkage & Retention (PLR) project of NASTAD Haiti. Daniella works closely with the Center for Diseases Control (CDC) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) to develop new tools and strategies that will strengthen the HIV program in Haiti at the community (mobile app to reach and geo-locate visited patients) and at facility levels (web app to assign tasks and monitor community activities). During her six years of experience, she has served other non-governmental organizations in the areas of HIV-AIDS and Tuberculosis as Assistant Program Manager, and Technical Advisor. Daniella holds a Medical degree from Universite Notre-Dame d’Haiti (UNDH) with a specialization in Infectious Diseases & HIV-AIDS Care Management from University of Maryland Baltimore and UNDH.