NASTAD Global: Raising the Bars Blog Post Series

NASTAD’s Global Program focuses on building the capacity of peer public health agencies and systems around the world to strengthen all components of the HIV Care Continuum. We believe that by supporting public health leadership for all components of the HIV Care Continuum, we move closer toward achieving an AIDS-free generation.

This series highlights our work with peer countries to:

  • develop strong strategic information systems along with a workforce equipped to manage these systems
  • develop and strengthen national and local HIV evidence-based planning and resource allocation processes
  • empower Ministries of Health (MOH) to implement community mobilization and outreach initiatives, and build systems to ensure that people living with HIV are diagnosed early and linked into care
  • support interventions through which individuals living with HIV are linked to community health workers
  • ensure that MOH are able to utilize data to design and implement HIV programs
  • support MOH to proactively work with stigmatized populations and ensure that no one is left behind

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