PrEP Financing Models

PrEP is an important part of our prevention toolkit; yet financing to secure access to PrEP remains challenging. Given restrictions with regard to use of federal funding from CDC and HRSA’s Ryan White Program to pay for medications for HIV negative individuals, leveraging existing drug purchasing and delivery infrastructure and public and private insurance coverage is crucial to expanding access to PrEP. Given the significant variability in resources, insurance coverage (particularly Medicaid access), and Ryan White Program infrastructure, there is no single model that will work in every jurisdiction. This PDF shows a chart highlighting program and financing elements of three common models for PrEP access: 1) PrEP Drug Assistance Programs (PrEP DAP), 2) Community Health Center (CHC) PrEP programs, and 3) STD Clinic PrEP programs.

NASTAD PrEP Financing Model Chart