HIV Cluster Response Workshop Resources

The resources below were developed to support the November 2019 HIV Cluster Response Workshop, part of NASTAD’s Southern Capacity Building Workshop Series, and are also available as standalone resources for health departments.
Health Department Cluster Response Planning Activity
Health departments can use this resource for planning or enhancing their HIV cluster response program. The step-by-step outline provides a framework for identifying current resources (including financial, staff, partnerships, etc.), assessing strengths and areas of opportunity, and identifying key stakeholders involved in a range of cluster response activities. For example, health departments may find this document useful as a conversation starter to guide internal planning and the alignment of HIV cluster response activities across the surveillance, partner services, prevention, and/or care programs in their jurisdiction. The resource also includes an accompanying appendix of external resources to supplement each step within the outline.
Cluster Response Community Engagement Resources
Meaningful community input is part of a health department’s foundational work to build a successful and ethical cluster response program. This list contains links to available existing resources that health departments can reference to help plan or enhance their community engagement work related to cluster response, in addition to the resources available through the CDC HIV Cluster and Outbreak Detection and Response website.