CDC Viral Hepatitis Appropriations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s Division of Viral Hepatitis fund the Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinators (VHPC), which are the only national program dedicated to the prevention and control of the viral hepatitis epidemics. In states that do not provide their own funding for viral hepatitis prevention, the VHPC program provides the only public health infrastructure for the prevention of viral hepatitis and linking individuals to care and treatment. In order to meet the goals established by the Viral Hepatitis Action Plan, the VHPC program must continue to be funded in all existing jurisdictions and increased resources are necessary to coordinate prevention efforts at the state and local levels. Increased funding for the Division Viral Hepatitis will help CDC, state and local health departments, and other key stakeholders build the necessary infrastructure to provide basic, core public health services to combat viral hepatitis by increasing surveillance, testing and education efforts nationwide. NASTAD advocates for sustained and increased funding for the Division of Viral Hepatitis.

FACTSHEET: FY2016 CDC Viral Hepatitis Prevention Funding