State PrEP Assistance Programs

State PrEP Assistance Programs

In most of these states, both the PrEP patient and the provider must complete an application to participate in the program. Please follow the link to your state’s program for more information.

*In these states, PrEP medication assistance is only available through local health department clinics or select contracted providers.

Some PrEP Assistance Programs may consider providing medication assistance to PrEP candidates on a case by case basis when the individual is categorically ineligible for health insurance coverage or cannot use their health insurance plan for PrEP.

California: For questions about the PrEP-related medical out-of-pocket benefit, please call (877) 495-0990. For more information about benefits and enrollment, please visit:

Colorado: For more information about the program or to enroll online, visit Visit  to learn about the different options to pay for PrEP in Colorado.

District of Columbia: For more information visit: or call the program at: (202) 671-4815.

Florida: Call 1-850-245-4422 for more information about Florida’s PrEP Drug Assistance program and participating health department clinics.

Illinois: For more information about the program or to enroll online, visit, or call the program’s hotline: 1-800-825-3518.

Massachusetts: Visit the program’s website to find out more:   or call CRI’s PrEP Coordinator at 617-502-1737 (or toll free at 800-228-2714 x3737).

New York: Call 1-800-542-2437 to enroll and for more information, visit:

Ohio: Visit the program’s website to find out more:

Virginia: Call 1-800-533-4148 for more information about Virginia’s PrEP Drug Assistance Program and participating providers.

Washington State: Please visit or call 1-877-376-9316 for more information.

Indiana: Visit  and connect with one of Indiana’s PrEP navigators.

Does your state have a PrEP Drug Assistance Program? Contact to share the details.