Focus Countries (Americas)

Caribbean Region

Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago

A priority area for all countries in the Caribbean Region was to better understand their HIV epidemic. There was great interest in understanding how key populations may drive national and regional epidemics, and what significance they had related to the whole epidemic. Read more

Central America Region

Belize and Costa Rica

In Central America, NASTAD Global worked with the CDC-Central America Region office to provide technical assistance and support to ministries of health in four countries: Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panama. From 2014 – 2016, NASTAD Global worked closely with these countries to strengthen and institutionalize their HIV surveillance process. Read more

El Savador

NASTAD and the National STI/HIV/AIDS Program in El Salvador worked to strengthen their current HIV case reporting and patient monitoring electronic system, SUMEVE, through systems integration with the national laboratory and implementation of data quality monitoring and improvement strategies. Read more.


NASTAD worked closely with the National STI/HIV/AIDS Program in Guatemala, beginning in 2014, to monitor and improve their HIV case reporting infrastructure and overall data quality. NASTAD transitioned the countries case notification system to a web-based platform while standardizing the information collected across reporting sites with a vision of unifying reporting systems into a single, more accessible, information source. Read more


In Guyana, NASTAD has supported the implementation of HIV case-based surveillance since 2012. NASTAD has worked with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) to build the capacity of HIV program managers and health facility staff to generate and utilize quality data for effective evidence-based program planning.
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NASTAD Haiti worked with Haiti's Ministry of Health (MoH), beginning in 2003. Much of NASTAD Haiti’s work was focused on evaluating, planning, expanding, and supporting comprehensive HIV case-based surveillance, including the development of a national case-based HIV surveillance system and enhanced perinatal surveillance to support care for mothers living with HIV and their exposed infants.
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NASTAD began its partnership with the Ministry of Health in Honduras in October 2017, meeting with the Health Surveillance Unit and Unit for Information Management in Tegucigalpa.
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NASTAD’s relationship with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health began in 2014 through a partnership with the countries National HIV/AIDS Component.  NASTAD was involved in the updating of their electronic case reporting system, SIVE-VIH, and worked on linking the system with the National Reference Laboratories database. Read more


NASTAD’s work with the Panama Ministry of Health stemed back to 2014 in which it began strengthening the countries HIV case notification system, SISVIG-VIH, and patient monitoring system, MoniTARV, through partnerships with the ministries National HIV/AIDS Program and Epidemiology Department. Read more