Minority Leadership Program

Minority Leadership Program
MLP is a leadership development and investment program for persons of color working at various levels in state or CDC funded health department positions in HIV/AIDS or viral hepatitis programs.

NASTAD's 2020 Minority Leadership Program Application

NASTAD's 2020 Minority Leadership Program (MLP) application is now live! Please complete the application using this SurveyGizmo.com link, including attaching all supporting documents, by Friday November 15, 2019. Only complete applications submitted via SurveyGizmo.com will be reviewed by the Selection Committee.

Download Participant Application Form here(This application is a tool to document your information prior to entering it on Survey Gizmo. Only applications submitted via SurveyGizmo. com will be reviewed. )

Download Application Checklist here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are travel and lodging for the two face-to-face meetings covered by NASTAD?
    • Yes, NASTAD covers the cost of travel and lodging for the two face to face meetings. Airfare and lodging are purchased and reserved by us in advance, and per diem is reimbursed after each training. 
  • How much time is required for the activities associated with the program?
    • In addition to the two-week-long trainings, participants have two one hour coaching sessions, peer check-ins that are about 30-60min (frequency determined by participants), and optional webinars throughout the year. 
  • I didn’t get an email to schedule an interview? Did I make it to the next round?
    • Interviews are scheduled between Nov 25-Dec 2. If this time frame has passed and you did not hear back, regretfully, you were not selected to move forward to the next round.
  • Did my application go through when I submitted it online?
    • If you clicked submit in Survey Gizmo, we did indeed receive your application. Feel free to email rgalvan@nastad.org  to confirm.

Persons of color working in health departments and government agencies face myriad challenges as it pertains to job advancement, leadership development, and growth opportunities in these institutions. NASTAD recognizes the need to be able to increase the capacity of emerging leaders in health departments and seeks to equip them with skills, mentors, and introspection that will help them advance in their varied personal career trajectories. MLP will serve as a safe space rooted in social justice for health department staff of color to engage in critical conversations about skills necessary for job advancement, institutional barriers, managing emotions and burnout, racial- and gender-based microaggressions, triggers, staff and project management, communication and more.  Over the course of 10 months, MLP participants will hone and develop hard and soft skills that will assist them as they matriculate through a career in public health.

Download MLP Overview here.

Our vision is to encourage and increase the number of people of color in leadership roles in public health systems who competently promote health equity and reduce stigma. Through collaboration, marginalized communities will experience a shift from surviving to thriving.

MLP Overview

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