Health Systems Integration Data Consultation: HIV Data Privacy and Confidentiality in the Era of Data Modernization

March 8th, 2018

Overview: NASTAD Legal Research Project on HIV Data Privacy and Confidentiality – Amy Killelea, JD, Director and Dori Molozanov, JD, Manager / NASTAD, Health Systems Integration (View Slides)

Release of HIV-related Health Department Data for Criminal Justice Purposes – Nanette Benbow / Northwestern University; Carol Galletly / Medical College of Wisconsin; Ruth Edwards / Legal Council for Health Justice (View Slides)

Balancing Patient Privacy With Health Systems Data Integration and Coordination: HIV Considerations –Mary-Grace Brandt, PhD MPH, HIV Surveillance and Epidemiology Manager and Katie Macomber, MPH, HIV/STD Director / Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (View Slides)

Linking HIV Surveillance and Medicaid Data to Improve Quality of Care – Debbie Wendell / Louisiana Office of Public Health, STD/HIV Program (View Slides)

Molecular HIV Surveillance and Community Engagement – David Evans, Director of HIV Programs and Dana Van Gorder, Executive Director / Project Inform (View Slides)