RFP: Website Development Consultant - Center for Innovation and Engagement

Scope of Work Summary

NASTAD’s Center for Innovation and Engagement is leading a collaborative partnership with Northwestern University’s Center for Prevention Implementation Methodology and Howard Brown Health to identify, catalog, disseminate, and support the replication of evidence-informed approaches and interventions to engage people living with HIV (PLWH) who are not receiving HIV care or who are at risk of not continuing to receive HIV care. The project will determine intervention effectiveness and support translation of interventions into real world settings by Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) and HIV care providers. The initiative is funded through HRSA’s Special Project of National Significance (SPNS).

The Website Development Consultant will be expected to collaborate with NASTAD and its partners to provide technical assistance in the development of tools and manuals for activities associated with the project during the remainder of the initiative (August 2019 to August 2021). 

Anticipated activities include but are not limited to:

  • Develop a recognizable brand identity informed by market research and focus group testing.Include tag line, brand guide, font purchase, varying logo and brand formats for use in stationery, letterhead, and social media graphics.
  • Develop the project website to engage diverse users - researchers, planners, policymakers, providers, and consumers.
  • Website design will include a HIV care resource library, short profiles detailing provider experiences, forum for further discussion of gaps, emerging issues, implementation challenges, and promising practices in the field, online case-based scenario discussions and other features designed to engage users on an ongoing basis.
  • Develop collateral materials such as initial and ongoing toolkits, train-the-trainer materials, implementation manual, monographs and provider tools (e.g. pocket cards, checklists, forms).
  • Provide input for the dissemination of materials to facilitate widespread implementation and support the replication interventions through interactive trainings, publications, and other dissemination vehicles.
  • Make all files, including captioning, audio descriptions, videos, tables, graphics, pictures, registration forms, presentations 508 compliant and fully accessible to members of the public with disabilities.  

Additionally, selected consultants will participate in regular meetings with NASTAD during the contractual period. 

Selection Criteria

Experience/ Education

  • Five to seven years of relevant work experience in website development, graphic design, developing training materials, and providing technical assistance. 
  • Demonstrated familiarity with designing for health programs. 
  • Experience with developing brand identities. 
  • Strong organizational, written, verbal, and communications skills. 

Environment and Scheduling

  • Interest in working with an HIV and hepatitis public health organization.
  • Interest in working within a diverse environment.
  • This is a contractual position to be used on an as needed basis to complete contract deliverables. This position is not full-time.

Program Commitment

Upon selection, the NASTAD team will work with theconsultant to define the specific deliverables under the scope of work provided above, contract type, payment schedule, and any other necessary instructions.

How to Apply  

Qualified candidates should apply by e-mail only to  rgalvan@nastad.org. Subject line should read “Website Development Consultant - Center for Innovation and Engagement.” NO PHONE CALLS can be accepted in reference to this opportunity. Should you have questions, please note them in your cover email.  

Complete submissions must include a proposal that outlines and describes the candidate’s capacity to complete the activities outlined above and a resume. 

Proposal Instructions

  • Proposals should address the following areas, and those outlined in the Experience/Educationsection, which will be viewed as primary selection criteria:
    • Experience with developing websites, graphics, training materials, and toolkits
    • Familiarity with federal regulations pertaining to cooperative agreements
    • Pricing details (hourly rate requirement)
    • References 
  • Resume

Submissions that do not follow the above instructions will not be considered. Submissions are due by close of business July 12, 2019.


General Questions:

  • Will there be one primary point of contact for the project on the Center for Innovation and Engagement team?
    • Yes, Rosy Galvan is the primary point of contact. However the contractor will also participate in planning meetings with the rest of the team (around six people)
  • What is the available budget for this work?
    • The total budget is $225,000
  • When do you anticipate work on this project will begin?
    • Dependent on contractor availability. If possible, attend in-person meeting with our Evidence and Dissemination Expert Panel (EDE) August 15-15 in Washington, DC. Otherwise, planning meetings can begin in August/September.
  • How many firms are being invited to bid on this project?
    • No firms are being invited to bid on this project. It is an open request for proposal, though the link was shared with contractors we have worked with in the past.
  • Clarification: Is this vendor being asked to create the content for the collateral materials (toolkits, train-the-trainer materials, implementation manual, provider tools, etc.), or is the request for this vendor to take the collateral that you have already produced and make it available online in an accessible way?
    • It’s a bit of both. Our staff will develop content and give guidance on formatting and design, but the contractor will produce the end products.   
  • Can you please clarify the type of support you are looking for this vendor to provide to address this RFP requirement: “support the replication interventions through interactive trainings, publications, and other dissemination vehicles.”
    • The project involves identifying and compiling effective interventions that successfully connect and retain People Living with HIV to medical care. The goal of the products (e.g. web platform, trainings, etc.) is to help providers replicate the interventions in their own settings. The vendor will help us develop engaging products for providers to easily locate interventions that fit their needs (e.g. costs, target population, setting) to ultimately learn about, replicate and implement them. 
  • If you have them, would you be able to share approximate target deadlines for the brand, website, and collateral deliverables?
    • Timelines will be shared and negotiated during project roll out.
  • What is meant by “Interest in working within a diverse environment.” in the “Environment and Scheduling” section? 
    • We are looking for vendors who have experience and/or interest in working with organizations focused on sensitive public health challenges such as HIV and key populations such as gay and bisexual men and Black communities.
  • Should we budget for in-person meetings in DC during the contractual period, or are video calls also an option? 
    • If possible, we would like the selected contractor to attend our in-person meeting in DC with our Evidence and Dissemination Expert Panel (EDEP) on August 14-15. Some additional travel may be required for focus groups, however video calls will be an option for ongoing planning meetings.

Brand Questions:

  • Your RFP mentions market testing and focus groups. Have you conducted any user research to date, or should we plan to start from scratch?
    • The contractor will conduct the market testing, focus groups, and research.
  • Does the new brand need to connect in any way to NASTAD or any of the partners on this project, or will it be a standalone brand?
    • Yes, the brand should connect back to NASTAD’s overall look and feel.
  • Does the project have a name yet, or would that be included in the branding process?
    • The name is “Center for Innovation and Engagement”

Technical Questions:

  • Are there any additional requirements regarding website development? For example, is this an entirely new website, or a re-development of an existing website? 
    • This is a new website. 
  • Are there specific requested hosting platforms or environments for the website?
    • Our current website is built in Drupal and hosted on Pantheon. Since this is a new website, we’re open to exploring other options.
  • Please describe the amount, scope and breadth of documents to be housed on the website
    • There will be a range to be determined as the project progresses.
  • Is there any known additional functionality required other than what has been outlined in the RFP?
    • We may want to embed videos. 
  • Website Forum - what audience will use the forums? Approximately how many users do you expect to participate in forums or other logged-in activities?
    • The audience is health department employees, providers (community based organizations, health clinics, medical providers, etc.) and anyone looking for interventions that successfully link and retain People Living with HIV to healthcare. 
    • It is hard to provide an estimate, but we only anticipate a few hundred users at most.
  • Regarding 508 compliance, we understand that the website and content management system should be 508 compliant, Should our proposal include estimates on converting/updating all PDF’s and content housed within the website to be 508 compliant as well?
    • Not every document that will be uploaded, but the website itself and things like videos and chat forums should be 508 compliant.
  • Does the website require any e-commerce functionality? Please describe.
    • No.
  • Does the website require any multilingual capabilities? Please describe.
    • The need for multilingual capabilities can be explored in market research and focus groups.
  • Will the website house any PII (personally identifiable information) for visitors/users?
    • No personally identifiable information besides email addresses will be requested from visitors/users.
  • Are there any additional technical or security requirements for the website? (PCI compliance, FISMA compliance? etc?)
    • No additional technical or security requirements for the website are needed.
  • Does “forum for further discussion of gaps, emerging issues, implementation challenges, and promising practices in the field” mean an old-school web forum?
    • Yes, we are hoping to include a simple web forum.