NASTAD has worked with the Ministry of Health in Haiti (MSPP) since 2008 on the development and implementation of their case-based surveillance system for HIV. As the system has evolved the needs for analysis and ongoing technical support have grown. NASTAD is looking to engage in a contract with an organization that will provide technical support in the areas of system design, programming, patient-level case matching and de-duplication, data analysis, reporting, writing (including peer-reviewed publications), and remote/onsite partner training and mentoring. 

Scope of Work 

The contracted entity will provide the following support;

HIV/AIDS Surveillance and associated projects’ data reporting and processing

  • Mentor and support the NASTAD/Haiti Data Manager (DM) and other NASTAD staff to ensure all data are processed and available for use by MSPP, CDC, and other partners. This includes coaching and troubleshooting with the DM as needed.
  • Support the DM and other NASTAD staff to ensure that all data reported are of quality, and that data describe what they purport to, especially as it relates to patient tracking (duplicate or not; progression through care, understanding missing values). This includes selecting and testing various input fields via communication with NASTAD/Haiti (via site visits) and electronic medical records (EMR) managers.
  • Provide technical assistance to train NASTAD staff on the use of reporting databases and data sets; incorporate changes and updates that are suggested. 
  • Work with Haiti staff and partners to validate data quality, completeness and timeliness. Conduct validation activities to test the effectiveness of the current case matching algorithm, including assistance with adding biometric information in the algorithm.
  • Work with NASTAD Haiti staff and partners to develop updated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and protocols to document: 1) regular electronic data transfer from EMRs to Solutions; 2) routine data checking, cleaning and feedback to EMRs; 3) production of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) reports for use by EMRs, sites, and NASTAD staff working with reporting sites. 
  • Collaboratively develop reports on data quality and completeness, as well on treatment and care processes to be provided to the ministry of health and partners implementing EMR and treatment and care services. 

Data Analysis and Visualization

  • Per the NASTAD Haiti protocol, work with the Haiti National HIV Surveillance Coordinator and, CDC staff and in-country partners to assist in a range of epidemiologic analyses of people with HIV who are in HIV treatment and care. These analyses will describe, for example, HIV disease status, medication adherence, functional status, treatment and care practices, and patient outcomes for a sample of people with diagnosed HIV.
  • Assist in the development of reports and work with country staff, CDC and ministry of health to develop reporting templates for ongoing dissemination of epidemiologic data.
  • Assist with ad hoc HIV surveillance data (SALVH) reporting requests, including compilation of SALVH-driven data, data analysis and redaction for creation/contribution to ad hoc research, papers and journal articles. Whenever possible, mentor DM to respond to data requests.
  • Conduct analyses in accordance with Haiti’s national bioethics committee and other Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) as appropriate
  • Assist in the development of reports for other surveillance associated projects that integrate data from SALVH.
  • Assist NASTAD HQ and in-country staff in researching and implementing a sustainable data visualization platform for HIV/AIDS surveillance and related projects data including, but not limited to, R Studio, Tableau, and others.

Performance Period: February 1, 2019 – September 29, 2019, with a possibillty of extenstion based on availability of funding. 

Selection Criteria

  • To be considered for this contractual opportunity, applicants should have a strong and proven experience and expertise in the areas of system design, programming, patient-level case matching and de-duplication, data analysis, reporting writing, and partner training and mentoringin Haiti. Prior experience working with organizations in the area of HIV/Public Health is preferred. 
  • Qualified organizations should apply by e-mailing to Luisa Pessoa-Brandão (lpessoa-brandao@nastad.org) and include a letter of intent and a proposal that outlines how it meets the requirements of this opportunity as well as a description of capability to demonstrate its experience in the aforementioned areas. Applicants should also provide a total cost estimate or budget proposal. Examples of previous, relevant work and reference is also encouraged. Submissions are due by close of business January 25, 2019. Submissions which do not follow the above instructions will not be considered. Due to the extremely high volume of applications submitted, only applicants who meet the selection criteria and under final  considerions will be contacted. No phone calls, emails, or social media outreach in reference to this application will be accepted.