RFP: Consultants, Virtual Housing Learning Collaborative

Washington D.C.

Request for Proposal: Consultants, Virtual Housing Learning Collaborative 

RFP Issue Date: May 26, 2021
RFP Closing Date: June 11, 2021
Anticipated Performance Period: 8 Months (July 1, 2021 – February 28, 2022)

NASTAD is soliciting proposals from professionals with demonstrated expertise and experience in providing technical assistance (TA) to health departments on housing support services and housing for people impacted by HIV.

Interested persons or organizations are encouraged to read this RFP in its entirety, including specifics on application submission. Proposals that do not adhere to the parameters here will not be considered. Issuance of this solicitation does not, in any way, obligate NASTAD to award a contract, nor will NASTAD pay for any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a proposal.

NASTAD anticipates contracting with one or more consultants as a result of this RFP.


NASTAD is a leading non-partisan non-profit association representing public health officials who administer HIV and hepatitis programs in the U.S.   

Virtual Housing Learning Collaborative

NASTAD receives funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to provide technical assistance to health departments funded under CDC PS20-2010 Component A and HRSA-20-078. NASTAD’s work as part of this technical assistance aim to engage of systems of care and strategies and public health workforce capacity to expand local Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) efforts.

The EHE initiative provides health departments with a new opportunity to explore new approaches to respond to local housing needs. NASTAD will work with a group of EHE jurisdictions to increase participants’ capacity to:

  • Analyze local housing services and system operations and financing
  • Identify and evaluate potential health department partnerships to address housing needs
  • Design HIV program services to optimally support clients facing housing needs.

NASTAD’s Housing Learning Collaborative will allow a small group of health department staff to connect with peers, develop or strengthen connections with local housing authority representatives, access subject matter experts, explore promising practices to address housing needs, network across agencies, and prepare for the development of programs tailored to their communities.

Scope of Work

The selected consultants will work collaboratively with NASTAD staff to implement the following activities.

  • Design the curriculum for a brief series of biweekly virtual presentations and discussion, providing content expertise on housing by developing resources.
  • Prepare materials for each session using adult learning principles and incorporating feedback from NASTAD and participants; deliver the presentations and facilitate discussion during the learning collaborative.
  • Coordinate and provide ongoing individual and group TA sessions, serving as subject matter experts
  • Support health department staff in planning and initiating new collaborations and partnerships in their jurisdictions by supporting individuals with background research, brainstorming strategies, preparing materials, and facilitating conversations with key local stakeholders.  
  • Support participants in developing a series of objectives and action steps that could be incorporated into their work plans strategically to support the jurisdiction’s EHE goals across HIV prevention and care programs.
  • Participate in strategic discussions with NASTAD staff, liaise with participants.

NASTAD anticipates that this scope of work would translate into approximately 6-15 hours of work per month for each selected consultant based on the specific assignments as mutually agreeable. This technical assistance project will be conducted virtually.

Proposal Application and Submission

Interested persons and organizations should apply by submitting the following:

  • Cover Letter – Expressing interest, hourly compensation requirement, and demonstrating expertise within housing support services and/or policy.
  • CV/Resume – Documenting relevant work history and related experience.
  • Work Sample – An example of a work deliverable that the applicant created, specifying role if needed (i.e., website, blog, training slides, writing sample, policy manual, etc.)

If applying as an organization, designate one primary point of contact and identify the individual staff members who would be involved in the consultation and their roles. For the CV/resume and work sample, submit items for the individuals who would be primarily involved.

All documents should be combined into one PDF and submitted to Kristina Santana via email at ksantana@NASTAD.org by June 11, 2021 at 5 PM ET. The subject line should read: “HLC Consultant RFP Application.”

Selection Process

Before finalizing the selection process, NASTAD may request the applicant to provide two professional references. NASTAD may invite a small number of applicants to participate in brief interviews to clarify expectations and further assess the candidate.

Given the high number of proposals expected, NASTAD will only contact applicants of interest.

Questions and Concerns

Inquires about this RFP are encouraged. If you have questions about whether you should apply or questions about this RFP, please email Kristina Santana at ksantana@NASTAD.org. You may expect a response within one to two business days.