RFP: Consultant, Trauma-Informed Approaches Tools & Assessments

Washington D.C.

Request for Proposal: Consultant, Trauma-Informed Approaches Tools & Assessments

RFP Issue Date: April 12, 2021
RFP Closing Date: April 26, 2021
Anticipated Performance Period: May 1, 2021 – June 30, 2021

Scope of Work Summary

NASTAD is updating and expanding its Trauma-Informed Approaches Toolkit. The aim of the original Toolkit was three-fold: 1) provide a foundational understanding of trauma; 2) review the impact of trauma among people living with HIV; and 3) describe trauma-informed approaches and strategies to providing care and treatment services, including practical steps for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) recipients, specifically Part B programs and AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs).

This next iteration of the Toolkit will build upon the original, but through a healing-centered lens, pushing beyond the trauma-informed framework. The Toolkit will also expand the vicarious trauma and resilience-building components. Lastly, many of the tools in the original Toolkit were not easily adapted to RWHAPs; the updated version will include Part B/ADAP-tailored tools and assessments.

NASTAD is seeking a TIA Tools & Assessments Consultant to create trauma-informed, healing-centered tools and assessments for RWHAP Part B recipients and ADAPs to guide and assist them in becoming healing-centered care and treatment programs.

The TIA Tools & Assessments Consultant will be expected to collaborate with NASTAD, the Toolkit Advisory Panel, and the writing consultant throughout the Toolkit update process.

Anticipated activities include but are not limited to:
• Review the TIA Toolkit and recommend tools or assessments to be created to assist Part Bs/ADAPs in their process.
• Assess compiled resilience, vicarious trauma, and other trauma-related and assessment tools for relevance and adaptation.
• Develop a number of tools and assessments (minimum of three) to assist RWHAP Part B programs and ADAPs with TIA agency readiness, TIA evaluation, and vicarious trauma assessment, as well as other related topics.
• Provide training to NASTAD on how to implement the developed tools/assessments.
• Consult NASTAD staff, RWHAP Part B/ADAP programs, and the Toolkit Advisory Panel in the tools/assessment development process.
Additionally, the selected consultant will participate in regular meetings/calls with NASTAD during the contractual period.

Selection Criteria
Experience/ Education
• Five to seven years of relevant work/agency experience in trauma-informed approaches, HIV/hepatitis, and providing technical assistance.
• Well-versed in health equity, anti-white supremacist principles, and their intersections with trauma-informed approaches.
• Demonstrated familiarity with state and local health departments.
• Experience with developing tools and assessments.
• Empathetic team player(s); strong organizational, analytical, written, verbal, and communication skills.
• Strong monitoring and evaluation skills

Environment and Scheduling
• Interest in working with an HIV and hepatitis public health organization.
• Interest in working within a diverse environment.
• This is a contractual position to be used on an as-needed basis to complete contract
deliverables. This position is not full-time.

Budget and Timeline
The budget for this work is approximately $10,000.
The timeline is rapid beginning May 2021 – June 30, 2021.

Program Commitment
Upon selection, the NASTAD team will work with the consultant to define the specific deliverables under the scope of work provided above, contract type, payment schedule, and any other necessary instructions.

How to Apply
Qualified candidates should apply by e-mail only to Mahelet Kebede at mkebede@nastad.org. Subject line should read “Trauma-Informed Approaches Tools & Assessments Consultant.” NO PHONE CALLS can be accepted in reference to this opportunity. Should you have questions, please submit them via email to mkebede@nastad.org by April 20, 2021. Responses to questions will be posted on April 22, 2021 on the NASTAD website. Complete submissions must include a proposal that outlines and describes the candidate’s capacity to complete the activities outlined above and a resume(s).

Proposal Instructions
➢ Proposals should address the following areas, and those outlined in the Experience/Education section, which will be viewed as primary selection criteria:

  • Experience with developing assessment, tools, and/or toolkits
  • Familiarity with trauma-informed approaches, vicarious trauma, resilience-building
  • Familiarity with health departments
  • Pricing details (hourly rate requirement)
  • References

➢ Resume(s)

Submissions that do not follow the above instructions will not be considered. Submissions are due by close of business Eastern Time on April 26, 2021.