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Hep C Health Promotion Guide 

  • Health Promotion Modules:
    1. Hep C Basics
    2. Getting Ready for Hep  Care
    3. Getting Ready for Treatment
    4. After Treatment
  1. Know Hep C, Cure Hep C Pocket Card
  2. Hep C Steps to Care and Cure Handout
  3. Appointment and Patient Rights Pocket Card (Spanish)
  4. Keeping in Contact Handout
  5. Recommendations for Hep C Screening and Treatment in People Who Use Drugs Handout
  6. Additional Tools and Resources 

Program Management Tools

The Program Management Tools include the following resources. Download them here.

  • Hep C Program Management Dashboard
  • Program Management Scope of Services –Peer and SSPs
  • Job Descriptions, Peer and Patient Navigators
  • Check Hep C Start-Up Training
  • Community Learning Practice Meeting Planning
  • Navigator Team Meeting Checklist
  • Note Taking Template
  • Case Study Sign-Up and Reminder
  • Program Implementation Report Template—Clinical Setting and SEP-CBO
  • Patient Registry Report Template
  • Care Cascade Definitions
  • Hep C Career Pathways Survey
  • Peer Exit Interview