Policy & Systems


Without a well-defined system, policy to guide its use, and well-trained and supervised users, a program will not likely meet its intended outcome. To support establishment and institutionalization of the foundational building blocks for sustainable public health systems, NASTAD Global works with partners to define system needs, assess gaps, and implement capacity building initiatives for improvement and use of their systems.

Specifically, NASTAD Global works to very clearly document all components and processes required for optimum use. NASTAD Global develops comprehensive procedure manuals, toolkits for guiding ongoing development and management of systems, and provides supportive supervision, which establishes strong peer-to-peer relationships and provides opportunities for one-on-one assistance, to the in-country partner for progressive leadership in implementation, oversight, management, and improvement.

The impact of NASTAD Global’s work in this area can be seen from the community level to the national level, and from a specific focus area to cross-health system application.