Our Model & Methodology


NASTAD Global leverages the expertise of U.S.-based public health practitioners and pairs them with international public health peers to build capacity and optimize the use of national health systems.

For over 20 years, NASTAD has helped equip public health leaders to be nimble and effective in their response to the changing HIV epidemic. Since 2000, NASTAD Global has paired U.S.-based state AIDS directors and their technical staff with counterparts, globally, to share their public health and HIV program management experience and expertise, helping to ensure sustained, local capacity growth.

Ensuring that all work is ultimately transitioned to and managed by partner agencies, NASTAD Global:

  • Assists partner countries to optimize design, use, and management of their own public health systems
  • Facilitates the generation, availability and use of data for action, helping to get resources to the right place at the right time

NASTAD Global’s capacity building approach is to work with and for the local partner, focusing on improving the performance of the public health workforce, supporting the development or enhancement of public health structures and processes within public health organizations and promoting effective utilization of public health systems to target and impact the greatest HIV control needs. NASTAD Global does not seek to implement projects, but rather to act in a technical assistance role. Success is achieved when local government takes the lead role in design, implementation and long-term management of needs-based public health programs.

NASTAD Global has helped to improve public health systems and HIV programs in more than 40 countries in The Americas, Africa, and Asia.