HIV Prevalence

NASTAD Global collaborated with Tanzania’s Ministry of Health, National AIDS Control Program and CDC-Tanzania to conduct a review of the Home Based Care Services (HBCS) program in Tanzania. Specifically, NASTAD Global assessed the home based care service needs of People Living With HIV (PLHIV) in Tanzania to recommend a model package of home based care services.

During the assessment, NASTAD Global developed an inventory of all HBCS programs, including their geographic coverage, the cadre of services provided, level of training of those providing the services, number of clients served and program outcomes.  NASTAD Global also identified the differences among existing HBCS programs and examined the linkage and referral process between HBCS programs and clinical sites where PLHIV receive care.  Finally, NASTAD Global assessed current HBCS needs of PLHIV to identify opportunities to improve the delivery of home based services to promote health and wellbeing of PLHIV.

Activities & Projects

    • Key Informant Interviews with Home Based Care Service and Clinical Providers

    • Through key informant interviews with clinical providers, NASTAD Global gathered information on the implementation challenges associated with HBCS Programs, interventions that work well and those that could be improved.

    • Focus Group Discussions with Home Based Care Service Providers

    • Volunteers providing HBCS contributed first-hand information on the challenges and successes of delivering HBCS, including the needs of PLHIV that the program is not currently meeting. Through focus groups, NASTAD Global was able to assess the current HBCS program structure and model of services.