HIV Prevalence

NASTAD Global is working with the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Guyana to reinforce and expand the country’s case-based HIV surveillance system. The case-based surveillance system captures incident HIV diagnoses, as well as prevalent cases and disease progression, as volunteer counseling and testing (VCT) sites, prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) sites, and care and treatment (C&T) sites are reporting on key sentinel events. NASTAD Global is supporting activities to reinforce the quality of the data generated by this HIV surveillance system, and facilitate the triangulation and use of the data to effectively profile the epidemic in Guyana. 

In synergy with ongoing efforts to build the capacity of the case-based HIV surveillance system, the MoH prioritized the strengthening of the healthcare workforce, and particularly HIV program management. To achieve this, NASTAD Global and the MoH are co-developing and co-implementing the Applied Public Health Program Management Training (APHPMT) framework. This training framework will result in a cadre of strong public health managers who can interpret and implement national public health guidance, lead and manage quality public health programs and collect, report, and use quality public health data for planning and M&E, both within the HIV case-based surveillance system and in other disease areas.

Activities & Projects