NASTAD Seeks Technical Assistance Providers for Global Program

By Gen Meredith October 22, 2012

NASTAD is currently expanding scopes of work in three technical areas and is looking to augment its pool of technical assistance providers. To support this expanding work, the Global Program recruiting technical assistance providers with the following skill sets:

  • Community-based behavioral and biomedical HIV/AIDS prevention interventions
  • Community-based organization capacity building
  • HIV/AIDS case surveillance
  • Public health program leadership and management

A more detailed description of activities is available for download here (PDF).


NASTAD is supporting Botswana’s National HIV/AIDS Prevention Support Program-funded community-based service organizations to plan, deliver and evaluate evidence-based HIV prevention interventions. This support will focus on methods to address Multiple Concurrent Partnerships (MCPs) and increase demand generation to stimulate the uptake of Safe Medical Male Circumcision (MMC) to reduce the risk of HIV transmission among the target population.

Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana

NASTAD is assisting the respective Ministries of Health to expand, monitor and evaluate their HIV/AIDS case surveillance systems. Over the next year, NASTAD may provide technical assistance and capacity building training in areas such as systems management, quality improvement, and surveillance staff for improved data analysis and utilization.

Multi Country

NASTAD is working with CDC’s Sustainable Management Development Program (SMDP) to operationalize an Applied Public Health Program Management Training (APHPMT) framework in up to four countries. The APHPMT seeks to standardize a process to assess target cadre roles and responsibilities, and tailor a set of applied public health management curricula components to address identified needs and increase ability to apply those competencies to existing job duties.

Please feel free to share this with your surveillance and prevention staff as appropriate. If members of your staff and/or you are interested in becoming a TA provider, or have questions, please contact Gen Meredith or leave a comment below.

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