Hepatitis Happenings and Updates

By Jasmine West July 15, 2020


During the month of July, NASTAD and our partners will host events and share resources in commemoration of the following hepatitis observances. Watch your inbox for details!

National African American Hepatitis C Action Day – July 25th

Please join us in commemorating National African American Hepatitis C Action Day (NAAHCAD) on July 25th. African Americans have higher rates of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and death compared to other racial/ethnic groups. For example, African Americans make up 11% of the US population, yet account for 25% of people living with HCV. In 2017, the HCV death rate in African Americans was twice as high compared to whites. We encourage you to take time on NAAHCAD to reflect and discuss how your organization can best promote HCV prevention through education, testing, and treatment for the African American community.

World Hepatitis Day—July 28th

World Hepatitis Day (WHD) takes place every year on July 28 to raise awareness of the global burden of viral hepatitis. In observance of World Hepatitis Day 2020, NASTAD supports and encourages efforts to identify the estimated 292 million people, globally, who are living with viral hepatitis and are unaware  do not know.  

 “Find the Missing Millions” highlights the need for coordinated strategies to identify people who are living with hepatitis who have not been diagnosed and linked to care. Click for campaign materials to raise awareness on #worldhepatitisday.  Look for upcoming events from NASTAD to discuss ways to increase hepatitis testing and advance domestic and global elimination of viral hepatitis.

The World Hepatitis Alliance has additional information for medical professionalspolicy makersmedia influencers, and people worried that they might have hepatitis.  

NASTAD Updates:

NASTAD and The AIDS Institute Virtual Collaborative

In addition to USCHA’s virtual conference this year, NASTAD and The AIDS Institute will be hosting a free-to-attend virtual collaborative to take place on Thursday, October 22nd. This time for viral hepatitis-focused presentations is an opportunity for additional voices to be heard, and for the community to come together and see what others are working on.

With this change, we are reopening the process for presentation submissions. If you are interested in presenting at the virtual collaborative, please fill out this form by Friday, July 31st.


NASTAD is pleased to partner with NCSD to release an FAQ and two accompanying infographics on sex and COVID-19. The FAQ provides detailed information about how sex partners can carry different levels of risk for spreading the COVID-19 virus, as well as safety measures that can lower the potential risk of spreading or acquiring the virus.

NASTAD’s Commitment to Black Lives

NASTAD issued a statement to address the recent protests across the country, seeking justice for the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others, and to express solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. The core of NASTAD’s mission is an unwavering commitment to social justice. We recognize that we will not end the HIV and hepatitis epidemics and related syndemics without dismantling the systems of oppression that fuel racial disparities in access and outcomes. We prioritize fighting injustices where we see them, and we value diversity and inclusivity in all forms. To view NASTAD’s full statement, click here.

Accountability as a Public Health Response: COVID-19’s Impact on Communities of Color

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on communities of color in the U.S., particularly on Black, Native American, and Latinx communities, NASTAD released a statement and call to action. Click here for the full statement and recommendations.