Help Support NASTAD’s Health Equity Work

By Terrance Moore November 27, 2018

For 28 years, NASTAD has been a leading voice for governmental public health officials in the United States working to end the HIV epidemic. Over the years, NASTAD expanded its scope to include viral hepatitis, international work with ministries of health across the globe, and to address the intersecting social justice issues that contribute to the severity of the HIV and hepatitis epidemics. Next year, and in the years to follow, the organization is committed to strengthening our efforts to achieve even greater results for governmental public health and the individuals we serve. In order to achieve this, we need support from our stakeholders and the public. Donations to NASTAD will help the organization move closer to achieving its vision of a world free of HIV and viral hepatitis.

2018 was an eventful year for NASTAD, as we were able to develop, launch, host, and implement a variety of programs and resources. With your donation, we can expand on these efforts in the coming years. This year, NASTAD continued to display its commitment to social justice and health equity by relaunching the Minority Leadership Program, an initiative that focuses on increasing the voice and visibility of people of color working in governmental public health. Your contribution can help sponsor a health department staff member who would like to participate in the next Minority Leadership Program cohort in 2019. We were also able to relaunch the Gay Men’s Health Equity Work Group to gather and develop strategies to address the impact of HIV among gay men, and add new CME training modules to His Health. Your support can help us expand NASTAD’s resources for key populations (i.e., Latinx in Care and Black Women). 

NASTAD needs your support to achieve continued success in advancing health equity—a cause that is close to our hearts. In order to donate to NASTAD, click here. Also, to learn more about our efforts, sign-up for our weekly newsletter.